Welcome to a new fantasy world, of strange things, strange rules, different beings, different creatures. A place of magic, adventure, strange systems, strange powers, good guys, bad guys, legendary things. A strange world that orbits the three suns, 5 moons. Long days, long seasons, long summers, harsh winters. Different festivals, different regions, different powers. Good guys, bad guys, type of things, schools, strange things that go on. A strange world that is very big, with three things, and its complex form is nothing more than a toxic atmosphere, heavy gravity, violent storms. Although it spins fast, it still has long days. It still has beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and strange places. Guardians that control the places, a power sharing government, a monarchy, the royal family somewhere in the polar regions. Giant creatures, beautiful mountains, strange technology, magic that only works at certain times of the day. It has a system with a dark side, it has many regions, and even if there are small wars going on unnoticed, sometimes, the Trell has to step in and sort the matter out. Most regions have strange rules anyway, also the buildings are very unique. Dragonflies are very giant and they act like taxis .