This group’s focus is to discuss and possibly collaborate on writing projects that are based on actual scientific trends which are realistically extrapolated into the short, middle-long and very-long term future! The areas that might be enjoyable to discuss are listed below:
1) Cosmology, including transgalactic celestial and temporal ‘mobility-influence’ themes that ‘Bridge’ together the Visible Universe with what is currently known as ‘Dark’ Space(Includes Dark Energy and Dark Matter),

2) Sociopolitical and Socioeconomic ‘governing and monetization’ systems, and how they correlate to individualistic(singularity) and ‘wave'(en masse) intraplanetary and off-world human psychological and behavioral trends

3) Molecular Bioengineering, with a sub-focus on ‘Life-Extension’ concepts, including the convergence of organic with inorganic and transition from nano-scale to macro-level biological constructs

4) Religion/Theosophy, focusing on the Divine ‘Alpha and Omega’ attributes, especially with regards to how transcendent human civilizations’ ‘sentient-centric’ progression and ‘techno-potency’ development across cyclical multiverses(verticalism’s ‘temporal-variance’ coupled with horizontalism’s ‘chrono-equivalent’ volitional-based parallel realities) overtly and indirectly interact with each other.

These are only a few of the many, many intriguing ideas that I thought might be of interest to others as well!