Time to try #Writerschat

Not only has Twitter been a complete immersion into a new world for me, the gifts keep coming.  As soon as I identified myself as a writer, I felt like an orphan rediscovering long lost family in the writer community who embraced me.

#Writerschat meets on Twitter at 1pm, PST every Saturday.  Each of us writes in our own style, on an impressive variety of topics.  We talk about what we have in common: Why we write, how to get published, what is working with a pro editor like, etc.  I have learned so much and have already put much of the advice collected to good use.

Last time, I self published.  This time, I am excited to work with a publisher who believes in my work.  I will post here, from time to time, to share what I’ve learned.  See you at #Writerschat !

Marguerite Lorenz @SanDiegoTrustee , www.MyTrustee.net