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You have an idea you’re sure Hollywood is going to love. You have a script you know Hollywood can’t do without.

So does everyone else.

But “everyone else” doesn’t have Script Bytch mentoring them on “their” writing projects. Script Bytch guides you through your idea, outline and written script through detailed analysis, phone conversations and comprehensive notes.

Script Bytch was created by a professional writer with 20 years of produced films and television credits.

Want to impress producers, agents, studios and networks?

Do this Bytch.

A Few Autobiographical Words

I started writing plays and musicals. My first play, “The Steven Weed Show” was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and at “The Workhouse Theatre” in New York. My play “Group” was performed in New York, at The Montreal Comedy Festival, and The Aspen Comedy Festival.

While writing and producing theater, I wrote, “Encino Man,” which began my career as a working writer scripting films like, “Son-In-Law,” “Drumline,” “Lip Service” and recently, “You and I” directed by Roland Joffe.

My television writer/producer credits include, “Drop Dead Diva,” “Inconceivable,” and “Weeds” which I spent two years writing, producing and acting in. I’ve worked for every major studio like, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Disney. She has been on shows and written pilots for major networks like, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBW and CBS. I have sold and developed to cable outlets like HBO, Lifetime, Showtime and more – I could try and think of more but my brain might explode.

I have taught writing all over the country and love it.

Education, Credentials & Honors

I was educated by the studio system. While my second play was running, it was seen by an executive at Disney who hired me to write a movie that became, “Encino Man.” I learned how to write scripts by getting notes from my executives. Sometimes they would kick my ass. But that wasn’t a bad thing because I was learning on the job. I was lucky. During my first three picture deal at Disney, I wanted to pitch television pilots, so I did. I was lucky and some of them sold. I learned how to write TV by getting noted from my Network Executives, who kicked my ass. Which was good. Because I learned about TV. I was thrilled when I was accepted into the prestigious Director’s Lab at Sundance. On the a mountaintop in Utah I learned directing from John Landis, Morgan Freeman, Jon Avent and Robert Redford. Those guys were very cool. Landis told the funniest stories in the world. Robert Redford looked like some crazy, glowing God against the Utah sky, but he was sincere about teaching. He sketched out a storyboard for me on a napkin at lunch one day. I couldn’t find the napkin when I came home. That was a bummer. My film project at Sundance, entitled, “Lip Service” was produced. I wrote and directed that. It was a nightmare of a production. If you want, I’ll tell you horror stories. I also wrote an directed “LA Woman” for Disney as an MOW, and that was a great experience. I’ve written and directed shorts as well as beginning production for my new Web Series, “Group.” I found my writing mentor in John Rechy. He taught me about fiction for five years. He is a brilliantly talented man, with a Penn Award to his name and I was beyond lucky to have found him as my teacher.


Why I Write - The Philosophy Behind the Words

I was acting in a play in downtown Los Angeles, an adaptation of a Brecht piece, a rock musical. The show was in a parking lot next to The American Hotel where transients used to throw cantaloupes on us while we were onstage. It was kind of thrilling. I was tired of acting which I had been doing since I was six years old and thought that maybe should try writing a play myself. I wrote my first sketch/musical which ran for a year in Los Angeles, then went to New York and Scotland.

I found writing to be the most difficult thing ever, and the most liberating. I love the writing process because on good writing days I feel like something besides myself in working through me. Another kind of energy. That’s intoxicating. When I write it’s like I almost leave my body and bigger, better things take my place. I like writing comedy. My belief is that if one can make a person laugh, then one can also make them think. Writing is work. It’s not magic. I don’t believe in inspiration. It’s the hard hours behind the computer that bring out the inspiration. If I wrote when the spirit hit me, I would never write a word.

I write commercially, which means I don’t write the things I want or choose most of the time. So I balance that with working on webisodes or writing for spoken word. I believe that everyone has their own voice. Everyone has something to share, something to say, something to make others feels as if they aren’t so alone.

Indispensable Artistic Influences

John Rechy, Paddy Chayefsky, Billy Wilder, Daniel Tosh, Chis Rock, Amy Tan, John Steinbeck, Mel Brooks, E.E. Cummings, Chaim Potok, Amy Poehler, Rowan Atkinson, Steve Coogan, Edith Wharton, Wanda Sykes, Jennifer Saunders, Bernie Mac, Preston Sturges.

My Writing Style

Deadlines are crucial whether it be the one your boss gives you, or the one you give yourself. Procrastination is fine, as long as one makes that deadline. Procrastination is part of my writing process (I am a little ashamed to admit that.) I’ll slump around the house, watch TV, yammer on the phone, and eat chocolate until I know I have no time to procrastinate anymore. It’s the 11th hour. I guess I work better under pressure. When it’s time to go to work, I wake up, make myself an ice blended and stumble straight to my office. Inspiration is a myth and it can hurt writers. Inspiration is an idea. A thought. It’s pretty rare that someone can make it through a long document, or their third rewrite on the back of inspiration. I believe in good writing days and bad writing days. I know it’s a bad writing day when I don’t write and procrastinate, yet I try not to beat myself up and accept that this is simply my process. I will say, even if I don’t write that doesn’t mean I’m not living with my projects. I come up with ideas all the time. Usually while driving the car through the streets of LA with the music blaring. A good writing day is any day when something, when anything is written.

I believe in editing. Firmly. I believe in writing too much instead of too little. I believe in getting to the middle of a first draft and then going back to the beginning to clean it up and make sure my structure is okay, but I don’t spend a lot of time on that. Maybe a day. Concerning a first draft I just keep keeping on. I believe in cutting. In, “killing my babies” as they say. Cutting is how I shape my material. I write my second drafts with music playing. Music occupies the noisy part of my brain and lets the work flow out the creative part of my brain. I know listening to to other people’s notes are hard. I’m always quietly defensive in the beginning, but I always ask myself, “Does what they say have merit? Do I need to take this note because sometimes you just have to please the other guy.” The answer to those two questions are always yes. Writing with an editor, or a producer, a studio or a network isn’t “Fight Club.”

Mostly, be authentic. Write about things you know. Use expressions you might use in life. Steal expressions from the people in your life. If you want to write Science Fiction, make the heart of it a subject you understand; intergalactic war can be whittled down to the fights you have had with your family. Keep it real.

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The Alpern Group

The Gersh Agency, NY

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TV pilots – but I need to keep that close to the vest.

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See a sampling of my produced scripts in my “Projects”.

Thought You'd Also Like to Know ...

I started Script Bytch because I love to teach. I feel like I have all this experience and all this knowledge in my head and it would be a shame not to share it. There are so many pitfalls in writing and I have fallen many times. It would be awesome to be there for other writers and give them support. Also I really like TIVO – yes, that was a non-sequitur.

Shawn Schepps creator of Script Bytch

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