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My name is Norma Hickox. I am a professional musician. I play and teach six instruments and compose music.

A Few Autobiographical Words

I graduated from Farmington High School, West Farmington, Ohio, at the age of 16. I worked at a dairy store and then a rubber factory on an assembly line making rubber gaskets for refrigerators. I was organist for First Methodist Church, West Farmington, Ohio – then worked at Johnson Rubber Company in Middlefield, Ohio, working in the accounting office.
I was self-employed after opening Hickox Music Studios in West Farmington, Ohio, managing a studio serving three-counties, hiring two other teachers and personally teaching 60 students a week on piano, organ, accordion, guitar and mandolin. Then I attended Dana School of Music, Youngstown State University, Ohio. I majored in music and was a paid accompanist. I was also a pianist for Donna’s Dance Studio, West Farmington, Ohio.
I became organist for St. John’s Lutheran Church, Warren, Ohio and organist for Geauga Lyric Theater Guild. I made several appearances on Polka Varieties TV show in Cleveland. I was also an organizer of parades, banquets, bicentennial celebrations and fund drives.
I moved to Vail, Colorado where I was a teacher of vocal music and square dancing at Vail Mountain School, Vail, Colorado. I was organist at Interfaith Chapel in Vail where I had the honor of playing for President and Mrs. Gerald Ford. I was also pianist at the Lodge at Vail and the Lord Gore Restaurant in Vail.
Moved back to West Farmington, Ohio where I was a teacher of music in my home and at Warren Music Center, Warren, Ohio.
I then moved to Grand Junction, Colorado – taught at Keyboard World, Main Street, Grand Junction  and also at Mesa Music, Mesa Mall, Grand Junction. I was organist at Redlands Methodist Church, Grand Junction. I also published an international newsletter “The Chrysalis Teachings”
I taught music at home, music store and music school and was organist at First Church of Christ Scientist in Grand Junction, I gave workshops, lectures and concerts and gave a paper on the Science of Music at the International Conference of Paranormal Research at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.
Then I moved to Los Angeles to work with an entrepreneur on my solar energy project based on Science of Music.
Then I moved back to Grand Junction, Colorado where I taught piano, organ, keyboard, accordion, guitar, mandolin and violin in my home and lectured on the Science of Music using Powerpoint presentations and involving live musical performances, skits and audience participation. I wrote and published the book “Cataclysms – A New Look at Earth Changes” through Blue Star Productions/World Books in Phoenix, wrote 77 booklets in the metaphysical field and published them on my web page, and into store on Ebay. Worked on publishing 8 songbooks of my own compositions and did typesetting of text and music part time for Good Neighbor Press (prepress) in Grand Junction, CO.
I became organist for Fruita United Methodist Church in Fruita, Colorado playing keyboard, mandolin and guitar for contemporary services and piano and organ for conventional services each Sunday. Meanwhile, I wrote and published four books through “The TimeLine of Eternity,” “The Fantastic Human Being,” “The Awesome Realm of the Soul” and “The Exciting New Creation.” These books are for sale on along with four musical MP3 albums of my own compositions: “New Age Vibes,” “Melancholy Moments,” “Big Band Beat” and “Country Echoes.”
I taught piano, organ, accordion, guitar and violin at my home and continued as organist for Fruita United Methodist Church in Fruita, Colorado. Played piano for Sat. lunches in nursing home where my husband was being cared for.

After my husband passed away in July of 2012, I moved to Simi Valley to live with my son Neil and his family – wife, Claudia and children, Fiorella and Leland. I played at the Senior Center in Simi Valley for Monday lunches and taught piano to my grandson at home.

I self-published eight more volumes of The New Millennium NoteBooks plus miscellaneous other books. Made 45 short 15-minute videos for Podcast on Itunes. I have an online course on Udemy. At present I am working on a 90 Minute video – The TimeTraveler’s Story of Mankind and redoing the first four books of my 12-volume series of The New Millennium NoteBooks with new titles and covers and shorter books. My material can be seen at All my books and music are on Amazon  at

Education, Credentials & Honors

Graduated High School – Farmington High School
2 years of college at Dana School of Music

Private Lessons at California State University at Northridge
Along with music, my career has also included involvement with the arts of painting, writing, dance and theater that led to my writing two musical plays with original music. Boomtown USA won first place in the New York Screenwriting Contest in stage plays in 2019 and Award of Merit in the Headline International Film Festival in 2016. Magic Man won the Park Avenue Award (third place) in stage plays for the New York Screenwriting Contest in 2018 and the Golden Cine the Headline International Film Festival in 2016

Bragging Rights

I have played for many different occasions including some TV appearances. I played the wedding rehearsal dinner music attended by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for their son Dusty, and have played for movie and TV personalities and the governor of Colorado and finally, the ultimate, I played for the President of the United States.  This was President Ford and the occasion was a Christmas Eve church service at the chapel in Vail, Colorado. I painted a portrait of President Gerald Ford which was presented to him when we were in Vail and which he acknowledged with a personal letter of thanks.


Why I Write - The Philosophy Behind the Words

When I began composing, the music and lyrics would flow into my head in complete form. A year later I began to receive information from a spiritual source that flowed in the same way as the music. This material is the Chrysalis Teachings that The New Millennium NoteBooks are based on.

Indispensable Artistic Influences

I had private music instruction with a number of outstanding artists. One of my piano teachers was fourth in a descending line from Franz List, one teacher was a student of Tobias Matthay and another was a student of Arthur Rubenstein.

My Favorite Books - And Why!

“America Before” by Graham Hancock – It tells of an ancient lost civilization.

“Underworld” by Graham Hancock – It shows proof of ancient civilizations underwater now.

“Hidden Proof – Forbidden Knowledge” by Dr. Steven Greer – It tells of the secrets the government has been hiding from us for years.

“Unacknowledged: by Dr. Steven Greer – It tells that we have been visited by extraterrestrials for thousands of years.

My Writing Style

I sit down at the computer – type in a question about something I am interested in and immediately start typing an answer that I hear in my head as thoughts.

My Writing Process

When I started writing I had many papers of different knowledge. My biggest problem was sorting these ideas on paper out into several different categories. Then I sorted them down from there into smaller groups of similar subject matter which led to the formation of separate books on different subjects.

Getting Published!

My first 2 books, “Truths of Man’s Divine Heritage – Books I & II were published in Colorado with help from a group of friends in 1985.

My next book “Cataclysms?? A NEW Look at Earth Changes was published by Blue Star Productions in Phoenix, AZ in 1996.

The next 4 books were published in 2008 by

I self-published the rest through Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing from 2009 to present.

Professional & Literary Affiliations

IANS – Independent Publisher’s Association


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Publication History

Chrysalis Pub       Truths of Mans’ Divine Heritage Vol 1                                                          ASIN: B0006YX7GE                    1985

Chrysalis Pub       Truths of Man’s Divine Heritage-  Vol 2 Development and Change                                                                   1987
Blue Star Prod     Cataclysms?? A NEW Look at Earth Changes                                             ISBN-13: 978-1881542285           1996  The TimeLine of Eternity Vol 1            unpublished                                    ASIN: B01K9151LC                         2008  The Fantastic Human Being Vol 2   unpublished                                      ASIN: B01K8ZP4ES                         2008  The Awesome Realm of the Soul Vol 3   unpublished                                ASIN: B01K8ZYGRY                       2009  The Exciting New Creation Vol 4      unpublished                                       ISBN-13: 978-1626464056            2013
Create Space        The Compelling Spiritual Path – Vol 5                                                            ASIN: B00FHGU9EY                      2013

Create Space     The Enlightenment of Self-Knowledge – Vol 6                                            ASIN: B00PNYINVQ                        2014
Create Space        An Informative Book of Health – Vol 7                                                         ASIN: B013HDK58S                        2015
Create Space        Communication through Channeling – Vol 8                                                 ASIN: B07H8TQ3C6                        2018
Create Space        The Science of Music – Vol 9                                                                           ASIN: B07H8TQ3C6                        2018
Create space         Innovative Chrysalis Schools – Vol 10                                                           ASIN: B01M0DE4LX                       2016
Create Space        SunScience – Vol 11                                                                                          ASIN: B06XB2WPQP                       2017
Create space         Improving our World – Vol 12                                                                         ASIN: B06XB61YJ4                         2017
Create Space         The Universe–A Realistic Look at Our Beginnings Vol 1,Pt 1                 ASIN: B07CF7HVNF                        2018
Create Space         The Planet-A Realistic look at Our Ancient Ancestors Vol 1, Pt 2           ASIN: B07BZ18SYG                        2018
Create Space        The Chakras–A Closer Look at Our Energy Centers Vol 2, Pt 1               ASIN: B07H8TQ3C6                        2018
Create space         The Brain-A Closer Look at Our Powerhouse Vol 2, Pt 2                          ASIN: B07F24GMF3                        2018
Create Space        The Soul-A Deeper Look at Our Inner Beings Vol 3, Pt 1                          ASIN: B07H8SLQJJ                          2018
Create Space        Reincarnation – A Deeper Look at Our Many Lives Vol 3, Pt 2                ASIN: B07H8S91XQ                        2018
KDP Kindle          Old Creation-A Thoughtful Look at Our Past Vol 4, Pt 1                           ASIN: B07HGH9JLG                        2018
KDP Kindle          New Creation-A Thoughtful Look at Our Future Vol 4, Pt 2                     ASIN: B07HHMDHDG                    2018
Create Space        TimeTraveler Tidbits #1                                                                                    ASIN: B00R8K0UNM                      2014
Create Space        TimeTraveler Tidbits #2                                                                                    ISBN-13: 978-1500550615              2014
Create Space        TimeTraveler Tidbits #3                                                                                    ISBN-13: 978-1500706913              2014

Create Space        TimeTraveler Tidbits #4                                                                                    ISBN-13: 978-1500787202              2014

Create Space         TimeTraveler Tidbits #5                                                                                    ASIN: B01N5LUTH0                        2017

Create Space        TimeTraveler Tidbits #6                                                                                    ASIN: B01MZ67ZMF                       2017

Create Space         Childhood Tales of Jesus                                                                                   ISBN-13: 978-1507682630              2015

Create Space        The VibraKids                                                                                                      ASIN: B00R8PMKPS                        2014

Create Space        Those Amazing Aliens                                                                                        ASIN: B07F281P86                           2018

KDP Kindle          The Almighty Organ ALL                                                                                 ASIN: B07PHB37FW                       2018

Create Space        Norma – My Story                                                                                              ASIN: B06XB4MD2V                      2017

What are you working to accomplish by being on Storiad?

I want to get this material out to the world. The Chrysalis Teachings are guidelines leading into the new society. They will help in all areas of restructuring behavior and give day to day help for each. No church will be involved. The Chrysalis Teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures. The purpose of The Chrysalis Teachings is to explain things in simple language and terms, and show misinterpreted teachings. They give a compressed view of creation and evolution to help you gain a total look at the human experience and to open your mind as to other forms of life on other planets. We are not alone, have never been alone, only in our own minds.

Works In-Progress

The Almighty Organ “ALL” as an animated film

A Documentary called The TimeTraveler’s Story of Mankind

Thought You'd Also Like to Know ...

I have a series of Chrysalis Teachings – 34 videos about 15 minutes each on Vimeo


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