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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, History, Mystery

A Few Autobiographical Words

BA in History (and a possibly in English/Creative Writing.  I really have to check in on the registrar…), a definite minor in Creative Writing, have worked in museums, currently a history curriculum developer, but I mostly like to participate in historical reenactments when I can.
I feel pretty grounded in research, and can take my historical background to add the detail to historical fiction, or make fantasy worlds seem as real as possible.

Indispensable Artistic Influences

C. S. Lewis
To All the Fictional Boys I’ve Loved Before… (so many…)

My Favorite Books - And Why!

Chronicles of Narnia–the stories that made me want to become a writer
American Girl series–history yo.  Also, pretty good mysteries.
Johnny Tremain–more history.  good character arcs.  the description tho.  wow.  Also Rab Silsbee…
So many others.

My Writing Style

I’ve been told I write like George MacDonald/have a very Victorian way of writing, sometimes in the app, it tells me I write like Mario Puzo and Agatha Christie… I just try to balance description and action and go from there.

My Writing Process

*Step 1: Idea
*Step 2: the characters
*Step 3. plot in notebook
*Step 4: cry because got stuck
*Step 5: have breakthrough and plot entire arc in one day.
*Step 6. Cry again because how do plot?????
*Step 7: eventually finish plotting.
*Step 8: draft 1.
*Step 9: Celebrate.  Just wrote 80-100K words.
*Step 10.  Edits.
*alcohol throughout.  (I kid…)

Getting Published!

Smol press.

Debut to release on Oct. 1st. 2020.

Professional & Literary Affiliations

Realm Makers
Historical Writers of America (HWA)

What are you working to accomplish by being on Storiad?

Gaining some marketing help and traction.


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