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I, the Writer

Tagline: Me ... in a Few Sentences

Not much yet, just an unpublished writer of Terrellium

Education, Credentials & Honors

College: City and Guilds, business studies, Gateway to computers, English Entry level 3

School, History E and English E

Bragging Rights

My own work…my own copyright

Why I Write - The Philosophy Behind the Words

I just love writing. I have been doing since I was 10. It is fun to watch the fingers do the world, let the imagination out, if it works

My Favorite Books - And Why!

I love reading….my bedroom is my own personal library type of thing. I love magic, history, sci fi, horror, prehistory, fantasy, adventure, and anything that seems to be good

My Writing Style

Fantasy, sci fi, YA, adventure, magic

My Writing Process

under construction

Getting Published!

coming soon


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